Why Midwest?

Midwest Montessori School is the Early Childhood demonstration site for Evanston’s Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center (MMTTC), a nationally-accredited program offering training at the Paraprofessional, Infant/Toddler, Early Childhood, and Elementary I and II levels. Throughout the school year, we are visited by Montessori teachers and interns, education students, and parents from all over the country who want to see how Montessori should be implemented through the best practices and complete range of materials we provide.

MMTTC’s mission is to prepare Montessori teachers who have a balanced understanding of the Montessori philosophy and its implementation. MMTTC's Adult Learners gain a thorough knowledge of child development for the 3- to 6-year age group. During their practicum year in the classroom, they learn how to facilitate each child's social and emotional growth so they become capable and confident learners who love coming to school each day.

Our school is proud that all of Midwest’s current staff members have either graduated from the MMTTC program or are in the midst of this Master’s-level training. Our lead Directress are master teachers who not only are mentors to their Adult Learner assistants, but are also Field Consultants to other students throughout the Chicagoland area who are completing the Practicum phase of their training.

All of the staff members at Midwest Montessori Demonstration School are trained to teach and model peaceful and respectful behaviors and resolve conflict between students at an early age. Our Grace and Courtesy lessons are given at teachable moments in every subject area and every activity in and outside the school premises. Additionally, like all schools in Illinois we are required to have a bullying policy.  Our can be found here.

Our Facility

Midwest’s warm, beautiful, child-centered classroom environments are our students’ home away from home and exemplify Maria Montessori’s idea of a “Children’s House,” a joyous place in which children can move freely to interact with each other and their activities. Natural light streams in from the rooms’ large windows, creating happy plants. Soft music plays. Art masterpieces hang strategically at children’s eye level. Shelves with appealing, sequenced materials are grouped into curricular areas throughout the room from which children choose their Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Cultural “works” at a table or floor rug. If they need a break, the children can visit the Peace Corner or Movement Area, have a bite to eat and socialize at the snack table, or develop their talents at the Art table. There are children’s bathrooms in both of our classrooms, as well as hooks for jackets and cubbies for extra clothes.

The teaching staff eat with the children in the larger, West Classroom. After lunch, we utilize one classroom for napping children and the other classroom for our non-nappers and Kindergarten Extended Day students. When the weather permits, we go outdoors twice daily to the Tallmadge Park playground across the street for at least 45 minutes, once before lunch and again after nap. When the weather is uncooperative, our expert staff provide enjoyable gross-motor activities indoors.

The facility is also a second home to our parent community. Located close to the Northwestern campus and half a block from the Noyes street “el” stop, the school is close to a wide variety of restaurants, a grocery store, chiropractor, dry cleaner, barber shop, hair and nail salon, coffee shop and laundromat for our parents to patronize after morning drop-off or at the end of the day.

The School is compliant with annual inspections by the Evanston Health Department and State Fire Marshal. All of our staff members are Mandated Reporters with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and are certified in CPR and basic First Aid.

Our Parents

In our more than quarter century as a School, Midwest has seen a substantial number of children enter with no English language skills whatsoever; in most cases, because their parents are here from a foreign country to attend Northwestern University. We have welcomed children who are native speakers of Hebrew, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, French, Spanish, Korean, Icelandic, Japanese, Romanian, Indian and Urdu tongues!

Teachers and Room Parents reach out to all of our new families each year to welcome them to the community and make themselves available to address any questions or concerns. The Room Parents organize social events for the entire community throughout the year, and parents also enjoying seeing each other on the “birthday party circuit.” Many Midwest families have remained close friends years after their children have graduated!

Midwest believes that the foundation of the school’s success is built by a community involving child, parent and educator. Through our written communications with parents, as well as in a number of parent education meetings, we stress the need for a parent/school partnership with clear, open communication so a child can derive the full benefit of their Montessori experience.

Midwest offers parents opportunities to come and observe their children at work in the classroom, as well as twice-yearly “Parent Visiting Mornings” where they can actually do Montessori works with their child. Teachers also make themselves available for face-to-face meetings as well as formalized Parent/Teacher conferences twice a year, complete with thorough, multi-page reports on their child’s social, emotional and academic progress.


Full Day

7:30 - 5:30*

School Day

8:30 - 3:00

Half Day and Lunch

8:30 - 1:00

Half Day

8:30 - 11:30

*optional care until 6pm available.

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